Letters to Laura

Welcome to my second letters to Laura segment (an agony aunt column using the tarot) . If you’re looking for advice and guidance regarding your situation, contact me for a chance to be featured on my blog. All letters to Laura readings are free and anonymous, one letter will get chosen every Monday.

This weeks letter

Dear Laura,

I am currently trying to start a freelance writing career on the side, whilst still working my full time job. I feel I’m hitting a lot of roadblocks but I have so many bills to pay I feel like I have to fight to do something extra. My question is; should I continue to pursue freelance writing? Or should I focus my efforts on my full time job?

From confused

I decided to draw just one card for ‘confused’ to a quick, simple, yet insightful answer.

Seven of pentacles

Lumina tarot

I can feel you questioning if all of the hard work you’re putting in is worth the effort and wondering if you’re on the right path. I feel like you have done everything right so far on your career path. Now is a good time to allow the future to wait and take stock of where you have come from, what you desire and where you’re heading for.

You have a long term vision and now is the time to rest, collect your thoughts and re-invest your energy to where it is most valuable. To know what the best path for you is, you need to listen to your gut.


In answer to the question, I believe now is a time to expand your quality of life and I see you need to weigh up your vision with your current rate of success. Is all of the hard work you’re doing worth it? Are you receiving enough rewards? Trust your gut!

I hope I have offered ‘confused’ some good advice and if you’d like to be featured please contact me.



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