Welcome to LauraLizabella! I wanted to kick-off by writing a little introduction about myself and my website.

Who is Laura?

Firstly I’m a woman (obvs) in her 30’s who is totes obsessed with spiritual therapies. It all began early in 2018. I never felt like I was being my true self. For many years I have loved taking the holistic approach to healing and I began to feel drawn to spiritual healing too. I’ve never been the healthiest person (you’ll here more about that in the future) but since finding my spirituality it has helped me immensely. Over this past year I have taken many courses including; Reiki, crystal healing and tarot and I am constantly researching the industry. I want to be the best I can be, both for myself and for you.

about LauraLizabella tarot

What is LauraLizabella?

I will be using tarot to help you with any life worries you’re having including; mental health, relationships, careers and more. You can book a reading or contact me here. I am also going to be sharing tons of spiritual healing tips for free. In the future I’d love to publish my own books and design my own tarot decks (at the moment these are just a dream lol).

LauraLizabella | Introduction

What would you like to see from LauraLizabella? Let me know in the comments below.



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