LauraLizabella provides a tarot reading service. Once a booking is placed I will contact you using the method you provide at the checkout, where we will discuss what you’re looking for from the reading. The reading will be carried out at a time that suits you. Please also read my disclaimers.

I reserve the right to change any information on my website or about the readings I offer, at anytime, without any warning to you. You are responsible to check my website for any updates/changes which may occur.

Timelines and queries

Every reading which is booked with me should be completed and sent to you within 7 days, unless stated otherwise.

For any additional queries please contact me.


None of my readings are supplied with any form of guarantee, however, you are free to make a complaint here.

Data protection

For more information on what rules I follow for data protection please read my privacy policies.

Creating accounts

Through LauraLizabella you are able to sign up and register for an account, however, I use woo commerce to run my store, in which all accounts would be created. I am not held liable for how they may use or store your data. For more information please visit WooCommerce.

If accounts are inactive for 12 months, they will be removed.


All images and content are owned by LauraLizabella unless stated otherwise and are copyrighted . If you would like to use any of my images or content, please contact me for permission.

Mine and your responsibilities

I am responsible for fulfilling all readings within the given timeframe (if I am unable to do so I have to notify you at least 12 hours beforehand), give an honest reading, to the best of my ability and to be non-judgemental and supportive throughout.

You are responsible to be present for live video readings on time (otherwise they may be re-scheduled or cancelled). To never be disrespectful, use bad language or any form of bullying, racism or harassment.

If any of these rules are broken I hold the right to cancel bookings, remove you from my site or report you to local authorities (where applicable).

Outside sources

My website may link to other websites including; blogs, shops or social media. I also use WooCommerce, PayPal and Stripe for my store and checkout facilities. I have no control over these websites and so, am not responsible for them and will not be held liable for any wrong doings that may occur.

I am also not responsible for other people leaving comments on my blog or social media channels and will not be held liable.

Governing laws

All of these terms are governed and in compliance with gov.uk.

Contact me

If you have any questions or queries in regards to anything written in these terms, pleas feel free to contact me.