What tarot is to me

I have grown an incredible love for the tarot. I used to think it was this amazing tool to read into your past, predict the future and speak to spirit. Now I know it is far different from this and can offer so much more. Here is what tarot is to me…

LauraLizabella | What tarot is to me
Starchild tarot


The tarot is an amazing tool for discovering your true, inner self, like holding-up a mirror to your own subconscious mind. It works through self-exploration and self-reflection. By looking deeper into your everyday life, the tarot explores what you already know and what you need to know right now. Examining what issues need attention and what you need to do to improve situations.


I’ve struggled with anxiety and addiction issues for many years (more on this to come). Since finding and using the tarot, I feel like I’ve discovered an incredible amount about my addiction and what I need to do to free myself.

I want to write a whole post about this topic but here is a few ways it could help to heal you; as mentioned before, discovering your true self, shining a light on your problems and ways to resolve them and as a form of counsel and clarity.

Offering loving guidance

Lastly, the tarot always offers you loving guidance. No matter what, the tarot never judges you and will always offer THE best guidance for you, your current situation and your highest good.

The tarot knows everything and, in my opinion, is an incredible tool which I use personally, every day.

What tools do you use for personal growth? What is the tarot to you?



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