Misconceptions of tarot

I’ll be writing a lot of posts about the tarot. Not so much to teach other readers but more to teach the ‘average’ person what it is so you can get a deeper understanding.

Misconceptions of tarot
Wild unknown tarot

The tarot industry receives so much bad press; ‘it’s fake’, ‘it reads your future’ bla bla bla. Also whenever you mention tarot most peoples thoughts are; ‘it’s mumbo jumbo and too woo hoo for them’. I want to nip all of these misconceptions in the bud so lets start now…

Tarot is evil

Tarot cards are just beautiful images, following everyone’s journey of life. How can that be evil?!

Tarot tells the future

Before I got into tarot, I too believed the tarot told your future. However, I now know the tarot will not tell your future (although there are psychics for this if that’s what your looking for). So what is the tarot then? Using the cards you can see where you are in this present moment or how your past has effected your present. Things such as; what is troubling you and what the best route is to solve these issues, make them easier and make you a better person. I honestly find tarot to be the best tool for my mental health.

If I draw the ‘death’ card it means I will die soon

This couldn’t be more wrong! There are no scary cards in the tarot and the death card does not mean you’re going to die or suffer a death soon. It actually means something in your life is coming to an end, ready for new beginnings.

Tarot readings can’t be done long distance

Many believe readings have to be done in person, however, they can be done online either via video or written. We draw on your energy (normally using a photo of yourself) and use this energy to pull the cards that are right for you.

What misconceptions do you have of the tarot? Have I changed your mind on the tarot?



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