Letters to Laura

Welcome to my first letters to Laura segment (an agony aunt column using the tarot) . If you’re looking for advice and guidance regarding your situation, contact me for a chance to be featured on my blog. All letters to Laura readings are free and anonymous, one letter will get chosen every Monday.

This weeks letter

Dear Laura,

I have been through a lot of turmoil lately. My parents’ broken relationship and being off from work due to sickness (an eye condition). My question is this; is all of this happening to make way for a new path and opportunities.

From hopeful

Firstly, I wanted to thank ‘hopeful’ for writing to me for advice and guidance from the cards. I’ve been through similar situations myself; the arguments and uncertainty as well as suffering a serious illness (spinal issues). All tough times where you think, why me? and why is this happening? So I hope I can offer you some much needed guidance in your situation.

I am totes obsessed with the starchild tarot deck so I have used that today. It is super magical, bright and beautiful. When I began shuffling the cards I had no spread or number of cards in mind but almost straight away these two cards literally leaped out of the deck. I instantly knew these cards are meant for you.

letters to Laura

King of swords

You’re a quick witted person, standing strong against all odds. You think with your head, not your heart and let intellect and logic rule decisions over your emotions. And this is exactly what you need to be doing right now. You may also be worrying that you’re feeling too detached but please don’t, this is exactly what you need. This card can also symbolise someone of authority and I am sensing a lawyer for you but I may be wrong on this!?If you don’t have this type of person offering you advice, may be consider hiring someone, as I feel it may be very beneficial for you.

Ten of wands

I feel what you’re going through right now is nearing an end, ready for a new beginning to take place. You’re taking the final steps on this path. I’m sensing you have been feeling overburdened recently and taking on too much responsibility. You’ve been feeling off balance lately, you need to ground yourself and accept help from others (you don’t always have to be this ‘tower of strength’). It may also be a good idea to prioritise your tasks and responsibilities.


To answer your question; is all of this happening for a reason? I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and I see from these cards that new beginnings will be coming to you soon. This part of your life is nearing completion, making way for a new path. I feel to progress onto your new path you need to stay level headed, thinking with your head, accept help from others and keep yourself grounded.

I hope I have offered ‘hopeful’ some good advice and if you’d like to be featured please contact me.



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