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How I got into spirituality

When I was a little girl, I always felt I had psychic abilities and a very strong intuition. Roll on to my twenty’s, I fell for the wrong person and completely lost my intuition. (Prior to getting involved with this person I had a very strong feeling it was a bad idea, if only I’d listened. That turned out to be the worst decision of my life). 

During 2018 I finally rediscovered my love for spirituality and connected to my intuition again. I was fed up of always making the wrong decisions and feeling anxious, I just wanted to feel comfortable within myself and calmer.

about LauraLizabella tarot

What is LauraLizabella?

I am a supportive, understanding, non-judgemental, empath who will listen intently and offer you guidance during my readings, where we shall interact and work together. I want to help you with your inner self, your mind, your struggles, worries or anxieties through exploring your thoughts, feelings and options. If you choose to work with me we will explore your inner self (subconscious) together through the tarot. All I ask is for you to work with me, interact and enjoy.

I will also be sharing me personal journey to sobriety and mental health management.

I am constantly learning, researching and evolving in my field and these are my current certifications in tarot reading;

Tarot certificate

 My goal

My main aim for my business is to help as many people as possible. I’d also love to make the world a better place (society as a whole) and my dream is to publish my own books and tarot decks.


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